Angry Anderson’s antics anger audience

Would-be-politician should apologise

Rose Tattoo singer and National Party hopeful Angry Anderson, centre, has angered Colac fans.

FANS have demanded an apology from rock legend Angry Anderson over alleged spitting, swearing and offensive behaviour during a Colac concert.

Rose Tattoo’s lead singer announced this month had joined the National Party and would consider standing for a Federal seat.

But audience members who witnessed his performance at Colac’s Returned and Services League hall believe he would “have to clean up his act a lot” if he was serious about politics.

Colac RSL manager Daryl Lawrence said he was not at the concert but he had heard “mixed reports”.

“Some people have said it was a great show and some have said he was drinking and spitting on stage,” Mr Lawrence said.

“I wasn’t there so I can’t verify it but I have contacted their management and I’m waiting for a response.

“If he did spit and was drinking it would be extremely disappointing and I’ve made that known to his promoter.

“It looks like I’ll have to get the stage area steam cleaned because there are other acts that want to use it,” he said.

“Any of that behaviour is not acceptable.”

Two Colac district women who went with a group of workmates to the Rose Tattoo said they were disgusted with Angry Anderson’s behaviour.

“He owes the RSL and our town an apology,” Donna said.

“If he had been like that at a Melbourne concert he would have been booed off stage,” she said.

“I was excited to be going to see one of my idols from my past.

“But I was disgusted in him.”

Antoinette said she had respected Angry Anderson’s humanitarian work, particularly his involvement with children’s charities, and she expected the band would be “loud and unintelligible”.

But her view of Anderson had changed after the Colac concert, which she alleged included drinking and spitting on stage.

“He had too much to drink, was spitting everywhere, vomited on the stage and just kept singing.

“He was really rude when he came to meet the audience like he thought he was in a country town and just couldn’t be bothered with us,” she said.

“And then he goes and tells us he is going to run for parliament!”

Rose Tattoo’s promoter and the National Party did not return the Colac Herald’s calls.

One Response to “Angry Anderson’s antics anger audience”

  1. Daisy

    What do people expect from a Rose Tattoo performance? I thought it was highly entertaining, even if I couldn’t understand a word Angry was singing!
    Lighten up, people.