Fire ban for Colac as temperatures soar

A fire at an Armstrong Street property on Saturday was the 14th callout for the Colac Fire Brigade this month, following the busiest finiancial year on record.

TODAY is a total fire ban for Colac and district, as temperatures soar across the region.

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2 Responses to “Fire ban for Colac as temperatures soar”

  1. While there’s no specific rule for animals in cars, it does fall under general cruelty laws.

    Under the Victorian Code of Practice for the Private Keeping of Dogs “Dogs must not be left unattended in the car if there is a possibility of heat stress occurring or in situations of extreme cold.”
    The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 – SECT 9 says it is illegal to confine an animal where the confinement causes, or is likely to cause, unreasonable pain or suffering to the animal.
    The maximum penalty for animal cruelty for an individual is 120 penalty units ($14,000) or imprisonment for 12 months. That’s the maximum for any act of animal cruelty committed by an individual, rather than a specific punishment for leaving an animal in a car.

  2. I hope there is a big fine like that for leaveing animals in the car as well?

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