Mum and son smoke bong on video

POLICE have condemned an online video claiming to show a Colac mother smoking cannabis with her teenage son before flashing her breasts at a party.

A Colac district teenager has uploaded a video on YouTube showing a woman smoking cannabis from a bong with teenagers.

A message accompanies the video claiming the woman was a mother from next-door who “crashes a party, smashes a bong then passes it to her son.”

The woman then lifts her top over her head and exposes her breasts to a camera.

The video surfaced on the internet on Monday and has a tag mentioning Colac.

Detective Sergeant Peter Griffiths of Colac Criminal Investigation Unit said police were investigating the video.

“We’ll be forwarding it on to our youth resource officer as well as a unit in Geelong, because it could involve children under the age of 18 and that becomes a child welfare issue,” Det Griffiths said.

“People may not realise that videos like this can be used as evidence in court,” he said.

“But either way it contains illegal activity and we can’t condone this sort of behaviour.”

Det Griffiths said the video showed how drugs affected people.

“When you look at the video it goes to show what idiots people can become when they use drugs, so I don’t think it glorifies drug use at all – in fact it does the opposite,” Det Griffiths said.

“As police we see the end result, because we deal with people who are doing things they wouldn’t normally do if it weren’t for cannabis or other drugs,” he said.

“In the cold harsh light of day people look at things they’ve done under the influence and say ‘why did I do that?’”

Australian Drug Foundation’s national policy manager Geoff Munro said parents had a responsibility to teach their children about the negative impacts of drug use.

“Our concern is that when children are introduced to drug use in the home or with parents, those children are much more likely to become heavy users of drugs and that can have an impact socially, with their schooling and in a whole range of areas,” Mr Munro said.

“Using drugs at home with an adult can also normalise the behaviour, and there’s no getting around the fact that cannabis is a dangerous substance,” he said.

“We also know that children are less likely to use drugs when they know that their parents disapprove, so if they think that their parents approve then it means there are fewer barriers to further drug use.”

Colac Area Health offers confidential counselling services for people with drug problems.

2 Responses to “Mum and son smoke bong on video”

  1. Tony

    Trouble is the police in this town don’t seem to care and often turn a blind eye to crime…

  2. Jo

    It’s Colac. What do you expect? The drug use in this town is ridiculous. Lock ’em up!