Vandals poison Lorne trees

Vandals have poisoned trees in Bay Street, Lorne. Picture: Google Images.

COUNCIL workers will uproot a tree from a Lorne street after vandals poisoned it.

Surf Coast Shire Council said trees in Bay Street posed safety risks after repeated attacks of vandalism over the past three years.

The council said an expert assessed the messmate gums and southern bluegums and advised the council to remove “substantial amounts of dead wood” from two trees and to replace a third tree.

Residents first reported the damage to authorities in April 2009.

Acting mayor Libby Coker said the trees showed signs of vandalism.

“These acts of environmental vandalism do have serious impacts on our communities – these trees provide habitat and are an important part of the character of the Surf Coast,” she said.

“I call on anyone who has any information on the poisoning of these trees or any other trees on public land on the Surf Coast to contact council or the police.”

Lorne Care co-convenor Michael Callanan said it was disappointing Lorne residents could have damaged the trees.

“Unfortunately some people think they not only own their land but the view around them as well, but why you’d want to ruin beautiful trees I don’t know,” Mr Callanan said.

“It’s so important to protect our trees because Lorne is its trees,” he said.

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