Big cat proof is out there

A big cat hunter is confident researchers will find conclusive proof the animals live in Victoria.

A BIG cat researcher predicts someone will find conclusive proof of big cats living in Victoria before the next state election.

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3 Responses to “Big cat proof is out there”

  1. Graham Rogg

    I think the Government should be putting money aside for researching the possibility of a giant serpent in Lake Colac and also following up on the late night sightings of the Otway Sasquatch which is a well known to trawl the streets after dark.

  2. rogerthatout

    A worker & Myself spotted a large black cat down at Anglesea while conducting a Fuel Reducing Burn quite close to the township.We where about 100m away,it came running out of the bush & crossed the dirt road in about 3 leaps,the road was about 9 meters wide it was extremely quick.This cat was the size of a greyhound.

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