Human waste pollutes Great Ocean Road

HUMAN waste and toilet paper are polluting a popular Great Ocean Road lookout.

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2 Responses to “Human waste pollutes Great Ocean Road”

  1. Apparently the latest reason for no toilets here is due to erosion. There is a lot of land here that won’t erode for 1000s of years. We’ve been campaigning for about 10 years to just put one toilet here. There has been lots of money spent on infrastructure that is not needed. The land at Castle Cove is very environmentally sensitive. I won’t take my children there due to the risk of stepping in something nasty.

  2. Helen Chambers

    Has Rob Small ever ventured outside his office and Colac? If he had ever visited the site he may not have been so dismissive of the issues raised and would realise that Castle Cove is unlike “20 or 30 spots like that in that broad precinct” Castle Cove is unique in that is where The Great Ocean Walk and The Great Ocean Road meet. It is also the only point where the Great Ocean Road touches the coast for a distance of some 70 kilometres between Apollo Bay and Princetown providing the designated lookout. It is also an intersection affording vehicle access to the Aire River Estuary and Camping Ground. As a consequence of these converging points, there is an impetus for travellers to stop, seek relief, information and a place to dispose of rubbish. The infrastructure department with in the shire and Parks Victoria all acknowledge the significance of this site in terms of the need for toilets – they have meet on site and discussed it many times – all to no avail.

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