Existence of big cats ‘unlikely’

A State Government study says the existence of big cats in the Otways is unlikely.

A BIG CAT researcher is disappointed the State Government has failed to find proof of mysterious big cats in the Otways and other parts of Victoria.

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3 Responses to “Existence of big cats ‘unlikely’”

  1. Rosita Lloyde

    After seeing a big cat in 2007, I did my own investigations and wrote a book about it. An ex local farmer did shoot one, but left it where it was shot. The couple now wished they had sent it off for DNA testing.

  2. A worker & myself spotted a large black cat while conducting a fuel reduction burn just outside of Anglesea,back in spring of 2009.(At the back of the football ground).The cat was pure black,had a long tail & was the size of a large greyhound.It came running out of the bush & crossed the dirt road in three leaps,it was extremely quick.The dirt track was about 10 meters wide.We where about 75 meters away,when we spotted the cat.This wasn’t just a large feral black cat,it was way to big & the speed of the cat was remarkable.

  3. Hi to report a big cat or marsupial tasmanian tiger sighting please call 0434 904 944.I was the one who wrote to peter ryan deputy premier state of victoria before the last two state elections to take action on this issue.Freedom of information requests i have taken out over the past 16 years have revealed alleged sightings of big cats in every state on mainland australia getting this subject into the australian mainstream for the first time.

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