Church members welcome asylum seekers

Colac’s Jim Ryan, left, and Brendan Scanlan, third from left, were among the St Mary’s Church members who hosted a dinner to welcome Iranian asylum seeker families.

COLAC church members have thrown a dinner party to welcome asylum seekers to Colac.

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5 Responses to “Church members welcome asylum seekers”

  1. Phil Alexander

    Ian, let me make it simple. It is not illegal to flee a country to seek asylum.
    Therefore, to describe boat people as illegal is emotive and false.
    There are so many more important issues facing the Australian electorate than boat people. You need to ask yourself why the Coalition under John Howard made it an issue. Unfortunately the Labor Party has been sucked into the Vortex created by Howard and now hysterically perpetuated by Abbott.
    Diverting the issue of an enormous black hole in Coalition election promises is underhanded politics not worthy of a decent political party in this country.

  2. @Phil, for the record Kevin Rudd also uses the ‘illegal boat arrivals’ term and why is it that both partys are wanting these ‘illegal vessels’ run by ‘criminals’ stopped? they are costing the tax payer $9Billion a year, I have no problem with Australia taking the set amount of refugees every year I am all for it but not these illegal boat arrivals that both Rudd & Abbott talk about

  3. Phil Alexander

    Ian, the ignorance of your comment would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious. You clearly have very limited knowledge of the Regime operating in Iran. Religious persecution is extreme, political prisoners are regularly executed and see how you would go being an ambition single woman living there. These Iranian refugees have risked their lives to escape tyranny and all you can do is question their legitimacy.
    I congratulate the church members for offering assistance to these people.
    Oh! and Ian, it’s probably time you studied law. Under the United Nations refugee convention there is no such thing as illegal boat arrivals.
    Abbott and the Coalition know this but keep pedling this lie.

  4. Ian – you do know it’s not illegal to seek asylum? It’s not illegal to get in a boat and come here and ask for asylum?

    And it’s not only war that people flee from, it’s religious persecution where people are killed for having the wrong beliefs. There’s political factors where people are killed for speaking out against the government. Women are killed everyday for leaving their houses without a related male, for not wearing the right clothes, for speaking to the wrong people. There are a lot more reasons for seeking asylum then just escaping from a war.

    If they are genuine refugees then they will be given asylum, whatever their reasons for fleeing their country. I wish them well whatever happens.

  5. I had no idea there was a war in Iran and did these people wait their turn in refugee camps or are they just middle class refugees ‘illegal boat arrivals’

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