Call to close Colac’s Colanda

Colanda Parents and Friends Association president Noel Bates.

AN independent body wants the State Government to close Colac’s Colanda disability centre within the next 14 months.

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2 Responses to “Call to close Colac’s Colanda”

  1. Its a touchy situation. But the way I see it- Take the land that’s they already have and make it like a housing estate for these people. A total change of surrounds might not agree with them, so if they’re atleast within the same familiar grounds, they’d be able to live in a less institutional like setting yet have all their needs like careers etc as they have had.
    I know a lot who work out there and would hate for them to lose jobs.
    I would also like to remind people that a simple accident could see them living in a place like Colanda… So dont judge!

  2. Closing Colanda without first providing and trialling alternatives in the community is not going to help anyone. Some of those clients have been there a very long time and would be distressed at having to leave, and losing contact with their fellow clients.
    Where will these smaller houses be? Who will support them? Who will be on hand to make sure that services are not withdrawn or withheld because of a change in government?
    Some of these clients are very high needs. Who will ensure that they receive the assistance they need 24 hours a day?

    It’s easy to say close it down. It’s not so easy to replace it with a viable and safe alternative.

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