Christmas gifts stolen from home

THIEVES have stolen Christmas gifts from an Apollo Bay family’s home just two weeks after people stole household and personal items from the same home.

Annabel Tellis Tunley said thieves had taken her children’s Christmas presents, which were gifts from their grandparents and aunts, from a large bag.

“We think the theft took place on the Sunday before Christmas as we heard rustling downstairs and I said ‘What are the dogs doing?’ and then we looked downstairs and the front door closed,” Mrs Tellis Tunley said.

“I just put it down to a sea breeze slamming the door,” she said.

“But on Christmas Day we realised that we only had the big bag that all our presents from Perth were in and there were no presents inside.”

The missing gifts included shorts and t-shirts for a seven-year-old, diamante hairbrushes, two $50 Coles-Myer vouchers, a mouth organ with an instructional CD and book, two sarongs, a fishing cooler bag, a car chamois, perfume, a Nerf gun and two iTunes vouchers.

Mrs Tellis Tunley and her family were also victims of thieves in early December when they left a family friend to house-sit while they were away for the weekend.

She said the house-sitter had up to 80 people partying at the Apollo Bay home during the weekend and the family later discovered $10,000 of possessions were gone and the house was trashed.

Mrs Tellis Tunley said her son’s bicycle then disappeared sometime between the weekend of the parties and thefts, and the Christmas burglary.

She said after the shock of waking up Christmas morning with the gifts gone, the family realised they had to lock their door even when they were home.

Mrs Tellis Tunley said the family wanted the Christmas-wrapped presents returned and they hoped people would look out for the stolen items.

But the Apollo Bay family also wanted to move on from the two traumatic events and “hand it over to conscience and karma”.

Leading Senior Constable Andrew Orchard of Apollo Bay said the police were aware of the thefts and he encouraged people with information to contact Apollo Bay police.

“We cannot determine if these incidents are related but it is very unfortunate that this has come on the back of the other thefts; it is an unfortunate set of circumstances for the family,” he said.

One Response to “Christmas gifts stolen from home”

  1. jo

    the article implies that they had their house unlocked when they were robbed. Um who leaves their house unlocked overnight and THEN has that posted in a newspaper and online? Who leaves their house unlocked overnight anywhere? And they’d had a bike stolen as well. Wouldn’t that mean you would be more cautious?
    And perhaps consider changing their locks….and using them?