Homes on Colac’s fringe face 20% rate rise

Rural living zone properties in Elliminyt, Colac West and Colac East will attract a rate increase of 20 per cent in Colac Otway Shire Council’s new rating system. The council’s draft budget is open for submissions until May 30.

COLAC Otway Shire Council has warned Elliminyt and Colac landowners could be in for a 20-per-cent rates hike when their next rates bill arrives.

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2 Responses to “Homes on Colac’s fringe face 20% rate rise”

  1. Chris Smith

    There is so much spin in this article I am feeling dizzy.
    First the rate rise is 7%. Second the rise in Elliminyt is at least 25.9% on average BEFORE any addition for the revaluation which will add around another 3.5% on average to ALL Colac / Elliminyt homes. Reality is that the average ratepayer in Elliminyt will pay 29.4% MORE than last years and Colac Ratepayers will pay over 10% more on average than last year.

    Elliminyt last year .003429 This year .004317 difference .000888 / .003429 gives you the RATE increase of 25.9%.

    Yes some farms may see a slight drop (around 2.9%) in actual Rates Notice but if this is regarded as “significant” then a 29.4% hike can only be described as “catastrophic”.
    Bearing in mind last years COS increase of 7.2% was one of the States highest, and $1,400,000 EXTRA in rates will be paid by COS ratepayers next year. 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Surely ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

    1. I doubt Cr Smith had clue what he is talking about. As usual!!
      Council does need to closely look at what it spends on what dubious activities, such as environmental activities, wastage on economic development projects and services that should be looked at closely. Yes there is a lot of cost shifting from all state governments to local councils, but does Council ever really look at how efficient it operates? I doubt it very much.

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