Lowest rate rise in decade

Colac community groups have made a last-minute call for Colac Otway Shire Council to slash a proposed rate rise.

COLAC Otway Shire Council’s next rate rise could be its lowest in a decade.

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2 Responses to “Lowest rate rise in decade”

  1. Cr Smith again illustrates his complete lack of understanding of reality. For the waste collection charge this is a reflection of this charge being adjusted to reflect the great job the community is doing in reducing the waste it sends to landfill. Surely this is a great thing, not something to be criticised? As for Cr Smith and Mr Billing’s comments on the average increase, what other made up comparison would they like? Surely we are better off with something that allows us to compare year on year, rather than cherry picking something that suits our argument.

    Focus on what Council delivers for the change. If it is not keeping pace then look at how efficient Council is. Better bang for our buck is what we need, providing we actually understand what Council does!!

  2. Chris Smith

    It is not often the Colac Herald gets its headlines wrong. Unfortunately this is one of them. Facts are all rates will rise 7%. However in Elliminyt they will rise by around 25%. Also most Colac homes will see around 10% added to their rates. Alan Billing makes some very valid points. The only reason there has been a slight reduction in the garbage charge is because Council has OVERCHARGED last year, and has more in the Bin Replacement Reserves than it should have. Being a revaluation year will also potentially add to ratepayers actual accounts. I encourage everyone to carefully check out the draft budget to see that council is proposing collect an extra $1.4mil in rates and also includes spending over $1mil extra on staff and raising COPACC charges by up to 56%.

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