Re-elected MP Terry Mulder vows to fight for district projects

RETURNED Polwarth MP Terry Mulder says he’ll continue fighting for funding for Colac and district, despite his party no longer being in power in Victoria.

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7 Responses to “Re-elected MP Terry Mulder vows to fight for district projects”

  1. Much of the funding MP. Mulder refers to was money provided by the Labor government both State and Federal.

    The gall of Mr. Mulder when he has done nothing to improve the Ambulance service in Colac when people have died as the result of waiting too long for an Ambulance here in Colac and surrounds.

    All he seems to care about is that footy field at central reserve when there is an Ambulance Crisis which places people here at grave risk!

    CosWEcount! Inc. have raised this urgent issue with Mr. Mulder and he has shown no interest, will he do so now that the Labor government will pay for two Ambulances to be available?

    Labor has committed to the CFA becoming back up first responders, something else MR. Mulder would not assust with even though Colac CFA are trained up and ready to go, then we must recall that the State LNP cut $35 Million from CFA along with $900 Million from Hospitals which affected the Colac Hospital to the tune of a $700,000 cut to funding.

    Colac needs to grow up and start standing up for itself instead of cowering at authority such as the Council or State government, Hospital Board members or a local MP who does nothing for this City!

    The State LNP were totally rejected by the public because they have had more than enough of cuts to all aspects of funding and the Ambulance / Hospital Crisis in fact all Emergency services was a big part of it.

    Nothing, no issue is more important than the Ambulance / Hospital issue in Colac, just talk to anyone you meet as so many have a story to tell about how long they waited for an Ambulance to come!

  2. Phil Alexander

    Our argument could go round in circles forever, so this will be my last on this subject. Tim, you seem more concerned about what Andrews may not do in the next 4 years. He has been in power for 4 days.
    Mulder has been a government minister for the last 4 years and most economic indicators show Colac has gone backwards during this period.

  3. Better public transport = less traffic on the roads = better freight. But either way, we’re not going to see a drop on the cost of transport!
    It really doesn’t matter who’s in power, they all talk rubbish and make mistakes according to the public. But at least by not promises, they can’t go back on em.

  4. Phil, my argument is not irrelevant, the fact Labor made little or no election commitments to Polwarth is not irrelevant. I would think some commitment by Liberal is better than none, we all know that funding is directed more towards marginal seats, which is a shame by the way.
    The level crossings will provide no help to us, as the East West link absolutely will. I like many regional Victorians drive to Melbourne and it would be good when we visit to not be stuck in a traffic jam. In addition, freight is a major cost of business for regional people. Having our freight make it to its destination more efficiently certainly helps businesses.
    Yes East-West link is an expensive project, but at some point an extra city crossing must be built. Maybe some of the wasted funds from MYKI & Desal could have helped this project along with the expansion of the urban rail network.
    By the way, most public transport experts say better signalling is a much better way to spend funding rather than level crossings.
    Only time will tell if ambulance response times and health services improve under Dan(iel) Andrews.
    Over to you Phil!

  5. Phil Alexander

    Tim you are a master of the irrelevant argument. My point is that Mulder did virtually nothing for Polwarth when a government minister and now when his government is defeated he bleats about how he will stand up for Colac. Why didn’t he stand up when he had the chance.
    Also, you have a go at Andrews level crossing policy, but how was the Liberals plan of building the $27billion east west tunnel going to help the people of Colac.
    Under Andrews you will see and improvement in health services in Colac, better ambulance response times, increased funding for the education of our youth, something the Napthine Government failed miserably in and is why the Victorian people rejected that Government.

  6. And Phil, where is Labor’s commitment to the Polwarth electorate? Didn’t see too many promises for funding. As I see it, Daniel Andrews could clearly see he wasn’t going to win Polwarth, so didn’t allocate any funding. Can’t wait for the 50 level crossings in the Melbourne metropolitan area to benefit our community.

  7. Phil Alexander

    How ironic, Mr. Mulder now vows to fight for district projects now that he is in opposition. Where was he when he was in government?

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