Weeds and rubbish create lake ‘eyesore’

Overgrown weeds and rubbish have created an eyesore at sections of Lake Colac’s walkway between Colac Lake Bowling Club and the Botanic Gardens.

A COLAC business owner says overgrown lawns, rubbish and weeds have created an eyesore along Lake Colac’s foreshore.

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2 Responses to “Weeds and rubbish create lake ‘eyesore’”

  1. Tear up the concrete path along the foreshore, I say, and let it revert to the sandy path of my youth (in the 1960s), with long grasses and hidden byways where children could play for hours. Let it go wild. As the poet William Blake said, ‘Improvement makes strait roads, but the crooked roads without Improvement are roads of Genius.’

  2. Well.ots about time the council woke up to this… It was a sure fail from the start of planning!
    A lot of the rubbish that’s down the hill there comes from the public bins not being emptied often enough during peak times, the cricket club bins being left out when not in use or for collection and of coarse idiots just tossing rubbish out the window of their cars. Personally, id stop cars parking under the trees as it would be damaging the root systems, build it back up and make a path along there. Not everyone can walk along the lower path as its access is up & down a hill, PLUS it would stop so many people walking on a busy road… Although there are 2 perfectly good paths at the foreshore that people choose to walk on instead of, while their dogs run off lead since they are also unable to read (dogs & owners LoL). The old town just seem to be teeming with ignorance & Idiocy. ☹

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