Staged development for Bay harbour plan

COLAC OTWAY Shire councillors have clashed over a decision to allow a staged redevelopment of Apollo Bay’s harbour precinct.

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One Response to “Staged development for Bay harbour plan”

  1. Chris Smith

    While this article is accurate in that I did support the motion to do a single Development plan (vital in my view) and the removal of the 9m height restriction (a poor move in my view), I only supported the latter as an attempt to ensure the first. Very sadly the 2 very important issues are both now enacted against the communities wishes. The whole reason for the huge amount of work over the past 10 years was to ensure a whole of site plan with restrictions on bulk and height to satisfy the communities wishes. Sad very sad, very backward step. As I understand it, this now allows for the possibility of an adhoc, over developed harbour precinct.

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