Dozens of rowdy drunks evicted from centre of Colac

COLAC police will keep their power to ban drunk and disorderly people from central Colac for another 12 months.

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One Response to “Dozens of rowdy drunks evicted from centre of Colac”

  1. Just a thought, but what does it say about the licensed premises and their duty??? Maybe their staff need better training in recognizing when someone has had enough or getting close to it.
    I remember what the streets were like 20yrs ago, lots of lads in their cars out cruising, giving drunk mate a free ride home, hanging out at the Mem Square and later on at the Pizza shop. Sure there was the occasion fight there, but the Police were only around the corner waiting for it. I think that although we made a bit of noise or trouble at times, we still had more respect than those going out in todays world.
    I know id have plenty to support me on that if they read\looked at this site\story.

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