Anger over kangaroo cull permit

Carlisle River Wildlife Shelter’s Ron Anstis is angry that State Government officials approved a permit to shoot up to 60 kangaroos next door to the shelter, where volunteers release rescued kangaroos.

ENVIRONMENTALISTS have slammed a State Government decision to allow the culling of 60 kangaroos on an Otways property next door to a wildlife shelter and a national park.

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12 Responses to “Anger over kangaroo cull permit”

  1. Michael Moss

    Where were all the above greens when hundreds of thousands of native animals were burned alive on black saturday ?Silence because they did not want to get private enterprise competition into the disgraced parks Victoria and dept of environment which led to not enough ecological burns being completed before black saturday.Conservation monopolies spend money on wages not on the ground and the end result is across the board incompetence.

  2. The neighbour is the interloper here. Stupid people- if they did not check out the surrounding places before they bought. Such humans who cannot learn to share our world with other specie become human cancer. I for one do not want to live in a world populated by cows, farmers and human cancer spreading fast and destroying the remnant bush and the species that depend on it. Move back to the city mate! As to governments which allow such a short sighted cull and then put a joey into royals hands when they come to visit- vote them out and lobby for change to the laws. My heart goes out to the shelter.

  3. Felicity Andersen

    I am disgusted but not surprised by this shameful decision. All kangaroos whether raised by wildlife carers or not, have the right to live in what is their natural habitat. It is us who must learn to share.
    I am fortunate to share my home with a family of kangaroos but it breaks my heart to see that family unit shattered by the blood lust of my neighbours. We are a sorry species indeed.

  4. If people have real concerns about the issuing of this permit – then please write to : The Minister and ask for it to be reviewed :
    For the attention of the Hon Lisa Neville
    Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water
    Re: Concern with issue of an Authority to Control Wildlife Permit
    [email protected]
    Electorate Office
    Shop T1, Centro Newcomb, 71 Bellarine Highway, Newcomb, VIC 3219
    Phone (03) 5248 3462

    Whilst I appreciate why these permits exist and I understand (having viewed the permit application) there are guidelines and criteria to be met prior to the permits being issued, I am concerned about the application process and the follow up assessment. In this particular instance – It is difficult not to be emotional regarding the culling of native animals that have been compassionately rescued by members of the public and then selflessly raised by committed volunteers. Our wildlife rescuers do our state a great service. I expect that Ron and Corola Anstis – owners of the Carlisle River Wildlife Shelter – would know each of those Eastern Grey Kangaroos by sight having spent many months (some years) raising them from orphaned rescue Joeys. Emotion aside, it’s ludicrous that a government licenced wild life rescue service can then have the same department issue a permit to shoot the animals which they have rescued. Perhaps a solution to this issue ever happening again is that there should be an exclusion zone which excludes this type of permit being issued next door (or within a set kilometre radius) from a shelter. The department should be assisting the permit applicant with whatever it takes to make the culling unnecessary.

  5. I see all these comments, from people who do not have to live with the problem that has been caused by the introduction of the Kangaroo’s. I have been on the other property boundary for 25 years , my fences are always being knocked down and all of the wallabies that were here before the kangaroo’s have gone .There were no kangaroo’s here before . They are in such large numbers that i have have to get a very large dog so as to feel safe on my own place .

    1. Lynda Staker

      I feel I need to reply to your comment ‘Rodriquez’ to educate you about kangaroos. Firstly, kangaroos do not knock down fences, unless the fences are already weakened and in disrepair, and they inadvertently connect with the fencing. Kangaroos are slight animals and cannot afford to deliberately connect with the fencing else they will be injured.

      How can kangaroos actually knock a fence down if they are clearing it when they hop over or under?

      In view of this, the only reason a fence is knocked down is either due to deterioration over the years because the fencing hasn’t been maintained, or the fencing has been knocked down by cows. I live on a cattle and sheep farm and have seen cows deliberately pushing on fences when they are scratching themselves. Cows also damage fences when they are trying to get to the grass on the other side.

      Regarding the wallabies. Swamp wallabies are one of the most furtive of macropod species and are rarely seen in the daytime, due to their being small enough to be a target for wedge-tailed eagles. They use mobs of grey kangaroos to hide in amongst if they venture out in the daytime, so in fact it is the grey kangaroos that give them security. It is rare to sight Swamp wallabies in the daytime and I would guess that you aren’t roaming around at night to actually see that the wallabies are still around.

      I have no idea why you would feel afraid of the kangaroos. Kangaroos are actually afraid of mankind and wouldn’t want to be near you anyway!

    2. I have lived with Kangaroos on my property for 33 years and never have they caused a threat to me or my fences. Why…. because I have not had sheep, cattle who are the ones who weaken fences by pushing the fence to get to the grass on the other side. I can walk amongst them and are a joy to be with. If you are so worried about Kangaroos, instead of getting a dog to get rid of a species who has more right to be on the land than you or your dog, leave and go and live in the city. The Kangaroos have nowhere to go because of people like you who take their home and install a dog who is a threat to their survival. How cruel, you are creating the problem of pushing the Kangaroos to the very few areas safe for them causing the ignorant to blab on their are millions of them. Australia was their home before you made it your home !

  6. Lynda Staker

    I am astounded at the short sightedness and disrespectful way in which this particular section of the Department of Environment has treated the very well respected Carlisle River Wildlife Shelter, who have for many, many years given up their ‘normal’ existence to rehabilitate and hand raise orphaned and injured wildlife.

    If the wildlife officer who made the decision to allow new neighbours a permit to kill the kangaroos in this vicinity walked just one mile in the shoes of Ron and Carola Anstis, he would not be able to cope. These carers have devoted their lives, all their finances, and all semblance of a ‘normal’ way of life, to ensure that kangaroo joeys received a second chance at survival. They have been releasing wildlife in this ideal vicinity for many years without any previous problems, even though their previous neighbours ran cattle on their property. These people are unique and deserve to be respected for what they do, not have their beloved released kangaroos shot and killed because of a new, and very ignorant neighbour!

    I would like to know whether the DELWP officer considered that rabbits and cattle eat more, and do more damage to the land than the endemic kangaroos, who require a lot less forage and are a crucial part of the ecology in any Australian environment. Does the officer know how many rabbits inhabit that part of the land when he decided that the kangaroos were damaging it?

    The wildlife carers were there first, have invested many years into what they do and the new neighbours do not have the right to come into the area and destroy what the Carlisle River Wildlife Shelter has accomplished. The Department needs to review this decision and revoke permits to kill the animals who have a right to co-exist in their natural habitat.

  7. Vicki Lloyd Smith


  8. Why did the neighbours buy the property when it would have been obvious that the property included kangaroos rightfully visiting. These people make me sick, it was the Kangaroos home before they made it their home. Go and live in the city if you don’t enjoy the wildlife who have more right to be there than you. If the cull goes on I hope Karma catches all involved in the killing. I am so disgusted with this sick and cruel news.

  9. Donna Jones

    this cull cannot happen. Wildlife sheltered spend the majority of their own money, many many many hours of caring for and assisting the community to rescue injured and dying wildlife!!!! Sometimes over a year in raising a little one to release time building up a bond. How psychologically destructive for the carer to see their roos shot. This cull will drive hatred between neighbours. The new neighbour alienated permanently from fitting into the neighbourhood. A large fence or some fence deterant to keep roos away from new neighbour! SHAME SHAME ON DEPI to issue this permit.

  10. That’s just ridiculous! Sounds like a lack of communication within Gov Departments and landowners.

    Did the previous landowners have a problem? If so, were the new owners informed of it before the purchase? Could they build a taller fence on their boundary?
    I think its an asset to our Roo population to have the genetics from different area’s mixing, who knows what might come of them in the future otherwise… maybe something like the Tassie Devils. ☹

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