RISKY ROUTE: Viral video underlines Otways road dangers


A VIRAL video showing a truck narrowly missing a car and another truck at Carlisle River has highlighted safety issues on Otways’ roads.

Facebook group Dash Cam Owners Australia released the video on Tuesday that Colac truck driver Mark Tanis filmed with a dashboard-mounted camera.

The video shows Mr Tanis pulling up on the side of the road and a woman who had stopped on the opposite side of the road after hitting a tree which had fallen over the road.

The one minute 14 second video then continues for 30 seconds before another truck approaches on the opposite of the road.

The truck hits the tree and swerves avoiding the truck, but hits the car and narrowly misses hitting the woman who was out of her car at the time.

The video had clocked up more than 4.4-million views by yesterday and more than 33,000 comments and 92,000 shares.

Otway Roadsafe’s Cliff McAliece said the video was the perfect example of the problems motorists could face on the region’s roads.

“I’m sure this sort of thing happens quite frequently, it’s just that this time there’s a dash cam there that was able to see the whole lot of it,” Mr McAliece said.

“It draws very strong attention to the fact we have to be very aware and very careful all the time on our roads,” he said.

Mr McAliece said it was hard to say what people should do in similar scenarios because situations would vary.

He said people should either stay in their cars with hazard lights on and wait for emergency services, if possible motorists should move their car away from the tree and should do “everything possible” to set up hazards and warnings to other drivers.

Gellibrand resident and arborist Wayne Knight said the lack of rain could cause more trees to fall over the roads in the region, but he believed authorities needed to do more to clear dead trees which posed the greatest risk.

“When I’m driving around here I see dead and dying trees everywhere and it’s not a matter of if they fall down, but when they fall down,” Mr Knight said.

“There’s just not enough time spent on looking at which trees are going to fall and then removing them,” he said.

“If they see a dangerous tree you have to get a report written and all this red tape, it’s just too much to get anything done.”

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One Response to “RISKY ROUTE: Viral video underlines Otways road dangers”

  1. Juggy

    Well it’s fine to say about dead tree’s being a hazard, but live tree’s can also fall. So what would be the solution to that… a 30-40 meter buffer from roads??? Not going to happen.