Witness snaps Otways ‘big cat’

A woman who snapped this photo of a “big cat” at Yuulong posted it on a Victorian Bigcats Research Group Facebook page. The animal is pictured crossing the track.

A photograph of a “big cat” at Yuulong in the Otways has created interest on a Victorian Bigcats Research Group social media page, with paw prints found nearby adding to the hype.

VBRG co-founder Kevin Braunton said the latest upload to the page included a photo of what looked like a big cat taken on Friday, along with large cat-like paw prints found in the vicinity.

“It was in focus and we got back to the woman who took them and got her to go back to the same spot and put something that was 60 centimetres across there and take another photo to compare the size; you could see it was a fairly big cat.

“The issue we had with another close-up photo was that the ears looked more like your normal cat rather than a panther, so we were a bit hesitant but that area has certainly had a lot of sightings.”

Kevin, who has a property at Apollo Bay, said he and fellow BVRG researcher Sarah Alsop currently had cameras set up in the Otways, Gippsland and the Grampians, with interest in big cats growing in recent years.

“I’ve got a couple of cameras set up behind Apollo Bay and there’s no vehicle tracks, just disused walking tracks, because there’s been a lot sighted in the Wild Dog area,” he said.

“We’ve been trialling some scent lures, but in the Otways we’re using a sound lure that’s operated by mobile phone.

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