Colac public transport boost

Mayor Chris Potter has welcomed the State Government’s announcement of a new 6.15am bus service linking Colac and Geelong.

Colac will have a new early-morning bus service to Geelong, allowing commuters to connect to Melbourne-bound trains and arrive in the city before business hours.

The State Government has unveiled a new train and bus timetable for the Warrnambool line, coming into effect on August 27.

The timetable introduces a new weekday coach from Colac to Geelong at 6.15am weekdays, allowing travellers to connect to train services from Geelong to Melbourne, arriving before 9am.

An afternoon bus from Geelong to Colac will now leave Geelong at 4.08pm, rather than the previous time of 5.45pm, which was close to the time of a train service on the same route.

Passengers can also expect quicker train travel times, with weekday trains bypassing stations in western Melbourne, making for quicker travel from Colac to Melbourne.

Colac Otway Shire Council has been lobbying for months to secure the extra services.

Mayor Chris Potter praised V-Line and the State Government for introducing the new service.

“I welcome the fantastic announcement on the back of strong advocacy from the shire and locals,” Cr Potter said.

“It makes it more accessible for people to travel to Geelong for work and medical appointments,” he said.

Cr Potter said better public transport also made it easier for people from Geelong and Melbourne to visit Colac.

“A more fluent train service allows people from Geelong and Melbourne to catch the train to Colac, visit attractions or relatives, and get back to Melbourne,” he said.

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One Response to “Colac public transport boost”

  1. Phil Alexander

    Just another example of the the State Labor Government making life better for commuters in the Colac area. Something former Polwarth member, Terry Mulder didn’t achieve even when he was transport minister!