New Colac van park could boost tourism

A bold plan to transform the former Colac High School site and turn Colac into a tourist destination could be a reality with a full Lake Colac.

Polwarth MP Richard Riordan is part of the Just Add Water campaign which is pushing for a commitment from the lake authorities to allocate 9000 megalitres of water to the lake annually.

They hope water entitlement would restore the lake to its former glory and allow recreational use of the lake again.

Mr Riordan said that as part of the plan to revitalise the lake, he believed the former high school site and the land at Stodart Street could become a caravan park and a public space for residents and tourists that would connect with the lake’s foreshore.

The land pegged for transformation is essentially two parcels of land, one owned by the State Government while the second parcel is privately owned.

Mr Riordan said the private owner was open to the possibility of developing the land.
He said the plan could help encourage the tourists who travel through Colac while visiting the Twelve Apostles to stop during the journey.

“The old high school site provides a perfect lineal link from the Princes Highway through to the lake,” Mr Riordan said.

“We know that we’ve got four-million visitors coming through our town returning from the Great Ocean Road; this is an opportunity for us to provide some real options particularly if it’s going to be on water and that will be a point of difference,” he said.

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2 Responses to “New Colac van park could boost tourism”

  1. Juggy

    What a load of rubbish! We have 3 established caravan parks and a 4th on the way… then there’s Meridith Park which is free!
    The majority of traffic to the Apostles aren’t camper’s, they are foreigners who fly in, stay in the city and day trip.
    People staying at Van Parks such as Big 4 would hardly want to swim in the lake. And how long would it take until some kids from the nearby neighbourhood got in there and trashed stuff???
    Id be asking ‘Who is the private owner and what is their connection to Riordan?’