River water proposal to re-fill Lake Colac

Colac residents, businesspeople, community leaders and politicians want the State Government to divert water from the Gellibrand River into Lake Colac.

A new community campaign Just Add Water is aiming to push Colac’s lake levels up and bring it back to its former glory.

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One Response to “River water proposal to re-fill Lake Colac”

  1. Interesting idea. Would like to see more details though. The 6000 ML would add about 200mm to the lake. The use of Barongarook creek to deliver an extra 6000 ML over winter would be a major concern: likely to exasperate any flood events. Would need to see data on flows and impact on river heights.
    Also estimated on going costs would be good.
    If the goal is recreational and tourism (and environmental ?), the idea of a small lake near Colac would meet those same goals, and make this far more feasible. If a causeway made a smaller lake near Colac the size of Lake Bullen Merri, which is less than a fifth the size of Lake Colac, that 200mm would be 1000 mm. So you could pump less and have it at level even quicker.

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