Cash for lake shore upgrades

Chris Smith, Jason Schram, Sarah Henderson, John McVeigh and Joe McCracken.

A Federal Government grant will help pay for Lake Colac foreshore upgrades including new lighting, a sealed carpark and a shared pathway as part of a funding boost for the region.

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2 Responses to “Cash for lake shore upgrades”

  1. Rob Sinclair

    Another nice piece of pork barreling and photo opportunity by Ms Henderson. Liberals… doing the job!

  2. No! No! No! When I was a child, in the 60s, the path from the yacht club to the rowing club was a wild, hidden place where children could disappear into nature. And Queens’ Avenue was sand, at least near the cricket ground, and was a delight for young and bare feet. Now, it seems, you want to cover everything in tarmac. This is NOT progress.

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