Deadly intersection on VicRoads’ radar

Community members can give feedback about the Birregurra-Forrest Road and Colac-Lorne Road intersection south of Birregurra at a VicRoads’ session tomorrow and on Saturday.

A Murroon resident is calling for community members to provide feedback about a notorious Birregurra south intersection.

Barwon Downs Fire Brigade captain Gavin Brien said he recommended anyone with an opinion, idea or issue about the Birregurra-Forrest Road and Colac-Lorne Road intersection to attend VicRoads’ drop-in sessions tomorrow and on Saturday.

The intersection was the scene of three serious crashes which resulted in one death and multiple people sustaining injuries the during the Christmas and new year’s period.

“This is what we really wanted when we had our New Year’s Eve rally, we wanted action and for something to get done,” Mr Brien said.

“They’ve got the short-term solution with signage; this is the next process going further into the future.

“I think it’s great to see a government organisation take note that the local community is not happy about something and deal with it.”

VicRoads reduced the speed limit from 100 kilometres an hour to 80kmh and 60kmh and installed reflective bollards to warn drivers of the intersection, as well as two electronic signs on the Colac-Lorne and Deepdene roads displaying “prepare to
stop” messages.

VicRoads completed a survey and review of the intersection in order to develop long-term options for an intersection up-

Among the options being considered are the installation of a roundabout, the implementation of an electronic Side Traffic Activated Rural Speeds system and further earthworks to improve sight-lines to the intersection.

Data from the review revealed that vehicle volumes had been steadily increasing on all roads leading to the intersection due to factors including population growth, increased seasonal tourism and the occasional use of these roads as detour routes from the Great Ocean Road.

VicRoads south-west regional director Mark Koliba said the crashes at Birregurra over the Christmas holidays were tragedies.

“It’s very important that the time is now taken to properly evaluate all options for an intersection upgrade – that’s where local knowledge can really help,” he said.

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3 Responses to “Deadly intersection on VicRoads’ radar”

  1. Paul

    You can put as many signs, rumble strips etc as you like, they are not working for some reason, put a roundabout in there, that is the only thing that will slow people down

    • Rob Sinclair

      Agree entirely, sadly it’s driver behavior, intolerance and speed that is the major contributor to the accidents happening on this stretch of road. When are people going to wake up and take some responsibility!