MP wants a 110kmh limit

Cliff McAliece and Richard Riordan

Polwarth MP Richard Riordan will support an increased speed limit on Princes Highway west if the road meets necessary safety standards.

Mr Riordan said increasing the 100 kilometres an hour speed zone between Colac and Geelong to 110kmh once the duplication was complete was a possibility.

Mr Riordan’s comments are in light of the Liberal-Nationals “common sense” approach to reinstate 110kmh speed limits under a Liberal-National State Government.

Opposition roads and infrastructure spokesman David Hodgett said the proposed increased speed limit would stretch between Werribee and Corio.

He said that according to the Australian Road Assessment Program, the Werribee to Corio freeway was among the top 10 safest sections of highway in Australia.

Mr Riordan said he could see “no reason why we couldn’t work to 110kmh” on the Princes Highway west but admitted he wasn’t “over the facts”.

“Having gone over to the Latrobe Valley where they have 110kmh, it didn’t seem vastly different,” he said.

“Subject to the standards that are set, if Princes Highway west, once it’s been renovated meets those standards I think we should also push for 110kmh to Colac.”

Mr Riordan said an increase in the speed limit would make the highway on par with other Victorian freeways including the Hume Highway, and could benefit the region by allowing quicker travel between cities, resulting in regional growth.

He said the faster travel times between Colac and Victoria’s capital city would attract more people to the city of Colac.

The Victorian Government announced in 1989 that it would reduce road speed limits from 110 kilometres an hour to 100kmh as part of a campaign to cut the road toll.

The Monash University Accident Research Centre says road fatalities fell from 776 in 1989 to 378 in 1994 and the research centre associated lowering the 110kmh freeway speed limit as part of the fatality reduction.

Victoria’s road toll sits at 31, which is a 10.7-per-cent increase on last year and RoadSafe Otway’s Cliff McAliece said he was concerned an increase in speed would increase road trauma and speeding.

“If they take it to 110kmh, are people then going to push it to 115?” he said.

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2 Responses to “MP wants a 110kmh limit”

  1. nigel elms

    This may actually work as the it may help sort out the tailgaters and the drivers who sit in the overtaking lane (its NOT the fast lane ! ) It would be great to see much stronger controls and penalties of tailgaters and drivers failing to keep left (its the law ! its not voluntary to keep left after overtaking )
    Europeans who drive here contently talk about the driving standards in this Country its about time we raised our standards rather than lowering them

  2. Rob

    Typical Liberal/National hair brained thinking, this highway is one of the worst in the state for accidents, both fatal and otherwise and they’re just encouraging lead foots, to get a few grubby votes in the forth coming election. Hopefully commonsense will prevail and Labor retains power.