Beeac desperate for better mobile reception

Beeac residents rallied outside the town’s post office, calling for improved mobile phone reception for the town.

Beeac residents say “hit-and-miss” mobile phone coverage is holding the community back, as they rally for improved mobile reception.

Residents say the signal is so weak they can’t use their phones indoors, affecting their businesses and personal lives.

Beeac Progress Association president Wendy Parker said the group was lobbying to fix the issue.

“It’s been an ongoing issue for a long time,” Mrs Parker said.

She said Telstra officers last year visited Beeac and assessed phone reception.

“They drove around and did agree with us that there is no or very little mobile reception.”

Mrs Parker said the lack of coverage restricted small business owners, while also forcing residents to leave their homes to use mobile phones.

The progress association has previously applied for Federal Government mobile black spot funding, and was unsuccessful, but the group is putting together a submission for the next round of funding.

Mrs Parker said the association would lobby politicians, industry and emergency services to support the application for improved coverage.
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One Response to “Beeac desperate for better mobile reception”

  1. Rob

    Why Telstra? why not all 3 carriers? like Optus and Vodafone? this National mobile black spot program is all about putting in more Telstra mobile phone towers and not the other 2, it is a joke