Burnt car near burnout marks

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a car fire near Cobden.

Cobden police are appealing for witnesses after the discovery of a car burnt beyond recognition on a road south of the town.

Sergeant Heather Morris of Cobden police said officers were investigating the circumstances surrounding a car fire at Scotts Creek early yesterday.

“At about 4.35am a vehicle was observed in flames on the Cobden-Port Campbell Road, near the intersection of Murfitts Road,” she said.

Sgt Morris said the vehicle was so burnt that officers were unable to immediately determine its model and colour.

She said police were investigating whether the vehicle was doing burnouts before the fire.

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One Response to “Burnt car near burnout marks”

  1. Robert

    I have come across idiots during burnouts several times now, I get their rego number and when you tell the Police they say they can’t do anything about it as it is my word against theirs, the police believe me but you have to go to court, I can’t be bothered reporting them anymore