Fox chews camper’s pillow

Cororooke’s Nate Cook shows holes in his pillow case left behind after a fox pulled at it while Nate slept in a swag at Princetown last weekend. His mum wants action on fox control.

A Cororooke mother wants to see better fox control at a Princetown camping ground, after her son woke to a fox biting at his pillow.

Laura Cook said her family of four camped at the Princetown Recreation Reserve last weekend, when eight-year-old Nate Cook woke at 2.30am on Sunday to a fox pulling his pillow from his swag.

“Nate dragged his pillow back in and the fox took off, then he could hear a dog barking from a couple of campsites away,” Ms Cook said.

She said her son then woke her in a distressed state, but she had thought he “might have been having a bad dream” until she saw bite marks and tears on his pillow and swag.

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3 Responses to “Fox chews camper’s pillow”

  1. Phil Alexander

    Stewie, last time I looked kangaroos were native Australian animals and the National Park was their habitat. I think you’ll find that it’s humans invading their environment rather than the other way round.

  2. Stewie

    I frequent the Princetown Rec Reserve very often and I’ve never noticed a fox there. The things that need culling is the kangaroos. Plague numbers that are bad for the camping ground and cricket oval there. Can only imagine the damage they do in the National Park. Corangamite Shire and DEWLP don’t want to know about it.