Prisoner transport catches fire

Firefighters responded to a battery fire in a prisoner transport vehicle at Colac Police Station this week.

Three prisoners from Warrnambool made a surprise pit stop in Colac this week when their transport truck caught fire.

Emergency services responded to a fire in a prisoner transport vehicle at Colac Police Station at 1.45pm on Monday, after the vehicle reported a battery fire as it entered the city.

Colac’s Sergeant Ken Slingsby said the truck was transporting three men from sentencing at Warrnambool to Geelong.

“The prisoners have complained about smoke as they’ve entered Colac, and the transport contractors have a responsibility to handle the prisoners safely so that’s why they came to the police station to empty them out,” Sgt Slingsby said.

“It was lucky in one way that it happened in Colac, because we have the facilities here. I don’t know what they would have done, otherwise.”

Country Fire Authority operations officer Colin Reed said three trucks from Colac Fire Brigade and one from Cororooke responded to the callout, with about 10 firefighters meeting the truck at the police depot.

He said crews worked quickly and contained the hazard within 15 minutes.

Sgt Slingsby thanked emergency responders.

“Their work was terrific, and we didn’t burn down our new police station!” he said.

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