Livestock truck crash kills sheep

A sheep transport truck spilled dozens of sheep when its trailer rolled on the Colac-Ballarat Road north of Beeac yesterday.

Emergency services yesterday responded to a sheep transport rollover on the Colac-Ballarat Road, killing dozens of sheep.

Police reports said the transport truck’s trailer rolled over on the Colac-Ballarat Road north of Beeac at about 1.45pm yesterday.

The trailer is understood to have detached from the truck before it rolled on its side and spilled livestock onto the side of the road.

Emergency services have confirmed that the driver was uninjured in the rollover, and that no other motorists were involved.

Police were investigating the cause of the rollover at the time of reports.

Beeac police and highway patrol responded to the scene, where police members put sheep down.

The truck was part of a larger convoy of sheep transport trucks headed south towards Colac.

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