Call to alter highway plan

Blue Church resident Colin Carter says a major safety upgrade which started at the Princes Highway-Tomahawk Creek Road intersection at Nalangil last week is welcome, but misses the mark.

Blue Church resident Colin Carter says new safety upgrades to the intersection in front of his home are welcome, but they miss the mark.

Regional Roads Victoria began work last week to install new safety barriers and side road activated speed technology at the Princes Highway-Tomahawk Creek Road intersection at Nalangil, due for completion in October.

RRV contractors will install sensors on Tomahawk Creek Road which trigger electronic speed signs on the highway when cars are approaching the intersection, temporarily dropping the highway’s speed limit to 70kmh.

Mr Carter said safety upgrades to the notorious intersection, which over the past decade has been the site of countless crashes and near-misses, were good, but he believed the electronic signs would be better placed on Tomahawk Creek Road.

He said that since rumble strips and multi-lingual signs were installed on Tomahawk Creek Road, and the highway speed limit near the intersection dropped to 80kmh, the frequency of near-misses had dropped, but he questioned the benefit of dropping the speed limit on the highway further.

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One Response to “Call to alter highway plan”

  1. Juggy

    A lot of people are having a sook about this, but the drop from 80kmh to 70kmh could mean all the difference to a persons survival in an accident.
    So until the State and Federal Government (regardless of party) see fit to duplicate, not 2-1, the Highway from Colac to Warrnambool… surely this is better than nothing.