Obesity rate surging across Colac region

Colac Area Health’s health promotion co-ordinator Emily Brown says Colac’s lower socio-economic status and high density of fast food outlets contributes to the region’s higher obesity and overweight rates. She is encouraging Colac Otway residents to make small, healthy lifestyle and food changes.

Overweight and obesity rates are almost 20 per cent higher in Colac Otway than in Melbourne, with more people overweight in regional areas than in metro areas.

Obesity rates in regional Victoria are more than double the rate in wealthy central and east Melbourne suburbs, and two thirds of Australians are now overweight or obese after a 27-per-cent rise in obesity over the past 10 years.

Data shows 31.3 per cent of Colac Otway adults are obese, 66.8 per cent are overweight or obese and 29.1 per cent of young people aged two to 17 are overweight or obese, compared with Melbourne where 15.3 per cent of adults are obese, 48.8 per cent are overweight or obese and 27.7 per cent of youths are overweight or obese.

Colac Area Health’s health promotion co-ordinator Emily Brown said a lower socio-economic status in Colac and district than in Melbourne was the main cause for higher overweight and obesity rates.

“It means less access to the availability of info on healthy eating and because of that there’s also less financial means to access healthy foods so those with a lower income often can access takeaway food easily and it’s perceived that that’s cheaper,” she said.

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  1. Juggy

    Last time I commented on social media about ‘Fast Food’ and weight in Colac I got abused, but ya get get that.

    Nice timing with this story though. I’m not giving free advertising to those coming. 🤐😉👍🏼