Sisters share century-long bond

Former Eurack, Beeac, Stonyford and Lorne woman Violet Stephens, right, will celebrate her 104th birthday this weekend.

Former Colac district woman Violet Stephens says she won’t feel any different when she turns 104 on Sunday.

Violet lived at Lorne for almost 40 years, after growing up at Eurack, Beeac and Stonyford; she currently lives at Grovedale independently.

“I don’t really feel any different. I suppose it’s a good age but there are some older,” she said.

“I started school at Eurack and we were there about eight years and then we shifted into Beeac and mum and dad had a boarding house at the old hotel and we were there three years and then we shifted back to Stonyford. When I was born mum and dad were living in Stonyford.”

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One Response to “Sisters share century-long bond”

  1. Dorothy Harris

    Dear Greta, What a lovely article re Vi and Edie and beautiful photo, well done.
    I believe our Aunty Gerts daughter Marjorie aged 90 has turned up too after seeing the article in the paper. The family had lost touch with her. I’m sure they all had a lovely reunion.
    Kind regards,

    Dorothy Harris (Nambucca Heads NSW)