Long meetings are a farce


Perhaps Cr Joe McCracken summed it up best: “I don’t think any candidate is going to run if they’re watching this”.  

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One Response to “Long meetings are a farce”

  1. Thank you, Jacob Traynor, for speaking up about the council meetings. I also spent over five hours online watching. Your comparison to other councils is valid. The culture of an organisation starts at the top. Councillors must lead by example, treat council staff with respect, asking relevant questions demonstrating they understand the topic. All should be prepared by reading the agenda items and supporting Information with concerns or questions ideally communicated to the council executive before the meeting, allowing them to respond appropriately. Attend briefings, influence the process positively, items coming to the council as a workable proposition. Sending an item back extends the bureaucratic process, waists community money, worst of all, potentially missing valuable opportunities. I agree with the mayor’s commentary and had conversations with people who expressed those views. If you have read thus far, you might be wondering what does Max Arnott know about meetings? My community involvement is on record. Most relevant for this conversation. Currently Director-Chair Colac Area Health Foundation, Board Director Hesse Rural Health-Chair Risk & Audit committee. Previously, Colac Area Health Board Director Treasurer-Chair. I have the experience to know a good meeting is focused, makes beneficial decisions, frees directors to consider positive strategies and maximise opportunities.

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