General News

The Colac Herald newspaper has about 60,000 readers every week who pore over the newspaper’s General News stories and the advertisements that accompany those stories.

For almost 150 years there’s been no better way to advertise your businesses in Colac and district than through the General News pages of the Colac Herald where business advertisements have grabbed as much attention as the headlines from each issue’s news stories.

The Colac Herald continues to spread the news throughout Colac and district but is now also telling Colac and district’s stories to an international audience using the power of the worldwide web.

We want your business to put its name alongside the General News stories that appear in each issue of the Colac Herald and to accompany those news stories as they appear on computer screens around the world.

To advertise in the Colac Herald’s General News pages or on the Colac Herald website or both the newspaper and website, call our Advertising Department on 03-5231 5322 or contact us.

Book Display Advertising for General News

Use our online Display Advertising Booking Form to book your display advertising for General News.

For more information, please call The Colac Herald advertising department on 03-5231 5322 or contact us.

For more information about advertising in the Colac Herald, visit our Advertising Information page.